Monday, May 23, 2011



$10 concession, $18 other
8pm start

A night of pure abstract electronic music featuring:


After a few years of digital distractions Robin Fox is dusting off the old EMS gear for a return to analog sound. In various states of repair, these antique synthesizers often confound the operator with inexplicable behaviours and bizarre sonic detours. Fox will ride these in conjunction with his custom digital processes to produce a dirty maelstrom if cross-rhythms and dense, organic drones.

Robin is a Melbourne based sound and visual artist currently working with live digital media in improvised, composed and installation settings. He creates audio-visual works for the cathode ray oscilloscope, which have been released on the DVD ‘Backscatter’(synaesthesia records). The DVD has screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Mittwoschule in Berlin, the 8th International New Media Arts Festival in Riga and the TRANSIT festival Switzerland.

Live audiovisual performances have taken place across Europe including appearances at the Netmage festival, Bologna, the Wien Modern festival, Vienna, Noise and Glamour Festival, Moscow and the Transacoustic festival, Auckland. This work, in constant development, is currently being realised with a high-powered, audio controlled laser system with recent performances at the October Contemporary Festival (Hong Kong), Salamanca International Festival (Spain), Yokohama Triennial (Japan) and the Mona Fona Festival (Australia).

COR FUHLER is a Dutch performer/composer who has been active in the Netherlands and beyond with his own groups such as the Corkestra, Cortet, trio Fuhler/Bennink/de Joode, the electronic orchestra Mimeo to name a few.
He has recorded many cds for lables such as Geestgronden, Unsounds, Erstwhile, Potlatch and his own label ConundromCd.
As a composer Fuhler has written for groups such as Ensemble MAE, the Nieuw Ensemble, Insomnio and is regularly comissioned by smaller groups and individuals and for his own groups. He has performed at Vancouver Int Jazz festival, North Sea Jazz fest, Umbrella Music fest Chicago, What is Music fest Sydney, Moers fest (Germany), Molde Int Jazz fest (Norway), Musique Action (France) etc.

CRAY (Ross Healy) is an Australian electronic artists who has been releasing records around the globe since 1995, Machinery Records(Germany/USA), SOUR (UK), Bip Hop (France), Fallt (Ireland) VICMOD Records (Australia), Snapped In Half (Canada), Digitalis Ltd (USA) and has performed in Australia and The Netherlands (Ear Rational Festival). Ross is also co creator of VICMOD Records and VICMOD. VICMOD started out as a group of people interested in building electronic synthesisers and has now expanded into VICMOD ENSEMBLE the live modular act and VICMOD Records.

VICMOD ENSEMBLE is a loose collection of synth nerds who have been performing with their modular synthesisers since 2007. VICMOD ENSEMBLE is the only all modular group in the world!


Sounds like lawyers right? Wrong, so wrong. Mr Williams is seasoned musician and veteran of sound synthesis, able to extort the most remarkable sounds out of vintage analogue synthesizers. Mr Hayes is a seasoned computer programmer, who enjoys trading digital logic for analogue logic, and subsequently is afflicted with"bleep" syndrome.

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